When marketing on the internet it is common for any business to use a squeeze page in order to build a list and develop a large customer base. This practice in fact is vital for any business that has plans of expanding into the future. Capturing the contact information of people who have visited your site in the past gives you a targeted list of potential customers to promote to in the future. With that said it is easy to understand how important squeeze pages are to the growth of any online business.

Let's have a look at 7 common components most effective squeeze pages have to help you build a list of potential customers for business expansion into the future.

Single Message

The intention of all effective squeeze pages is singular in wanting to ONLY collect the contact information of the site visitor and NOTHING else.

Prominent Opt-In Form

With the single intention of getting people to leave their contact information the opt-in form takes a very OBVIOUS and dominant position on the page.

Clear & Powerful Headline

The headline is almost always direct and forceful in the message it conveys and is meant to immediately alert the reader to the intention of the page.

Only One Option

There is never a 'selection' of choices offered since this will only serve to distract and confuse the visitor. As already stated the intention of the concentric drill bits page is to capture information therefore that is the ONLY option made available to visitors.

No Request for Payment

Money is neither requested nor spoken of on this page in terms of the visitor making any type of purchase or payment.

Dominant Opt-In Buttons

Within the opt-in form the button used to submit your information is often times oversized and dominantly displayed. Subtlety is not utilized here!

Free Gift

To encourage any visitor to leave their contact information the offer of a free gift is commonly used and widely expected. In fact most of text on this page is devoted to describing the benefits that can be experienced from the free gift.

Although at first sight a squeeze page may look boring and drab to you it serves a very important function for dth drill bits anyone marketing on the internet. This page allows you to collect the contact information of site visitors giving you a targeted list of potential customers to market to into the future. The 7 components we discussed above are a guide for you to use to build your squeeze pages in an effective manner. The results should enable you to steadily grow both your business and your income.